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It is scary not knowing what is happening at your property while you are away. Are the services you paying for being completed? Did the Pool guy come? Lawn guy actually mow everything?

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You need First Mate Home Watch!
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If you are away from your home, condo, property for any length of time things can and will go wrong. Rodents, broken pipes, mold, insects or worse squatters. With First Mate Home Watch providing routine inspections we will help to minimize the damages done by these problems. Let First Mate Home Watch be your advocate. We have your best interest in mind and always communicate our findings to you.

It is easy to think that they don’t mind…and they probably don’t. Until something goes wrong. They may have great intentions but sometimes they will get there when they get there.

With First Mate your home is our top priority. After all of our visits, you will receive a time stamped, geo-location, report of what we found at your property.

You need
First Mate Home Watch!

Proactive to detect a situation while it is small so we don’t have to be reactive to a bigger problem.

Proactive to detect a situation while it is small
so we don’t have to be reactive to a bigger problem

Even if you are to leave for only a month. I highly recommend someone checking on your property. Lets avoid as many unpleasant homeowner mishaps as possible. You enjoy vacation, your time relaxing at your other home, or even if you are a fulltime Florida resident let me come do a little inspection to check in some of the inconspicuous areas of your home. I know that as a homeowner we are often reactive. My inspections for you will be proactive. Let me double check under the kitchen sink for leaky pipes before you see the water rolling out on the floor.

You worked hard, your time is precious. I will wait for the cable guy. I will make sure you are free for golf, or Tea time. Building relationships are an important part of who we are. I want to free you up so you have the time doing the things you love and spend time with friends. Even if it means you are running an errand, getting your hair done or an important work meeting. I can be your second set of hands, or eyes. On your way back into town after a long vacation with the kids? I can run to the grocery store to make sure coffee and Milk are in the fridge. The list goes on and on. Give me a call and see if we can work together. Making your time spend doing the things you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Home Watch Association defined Home Watch as “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” As Accredited Members of the NHWA, we abide by this definition and it’s application as we do our visits.
First Mate Home Watch is an insured, bonded and accredited Home Watch and Concierge Company serving Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. We check your property and identify problems or potential problems that can occur while your property is vacant. We provide a physical presence that is not available through a remote alarm monitoring service. We can help with most requests you have by contacting us.
We are not a house sitter. Our core service includes periodic visits to your home where we follow a specific and mutually agreed upon checklist. We are in your home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and take great pride in making sure your home is as you left it.
An alarm company monitors entry into your home or fire alarms but they do not monitor potential problems that can occur due to broken pipes, mold, pests or vagrants. We identify those problems or the possibility of their occurrence and notify you for guidance.

Anchors Away Home Watch will send you a detailed report by email with pictures of any problems identified upon completion of inspecting the interior and exterior of your home.

Need a Treasure Coast
House Sitter?

If you are leaving your house for any extended period of time and need someone to keep an eye on your house, there are some options you may not be aware of, like a home watcher. Home watching is a term many people aren’t familiar with yet. A home watcher is someone who makes regular visits to your house to provide light maintenance and make sure there are no issues.
This is a great option for someone that is going to be away for an extended period of time and will not be leaving pets at the house. A home watcher will check on the security of your house without living in the house which reduces wear and tear on the property and also maintains a higher level of privacy. When you call First Mate Home Watch, you will know that you will have a certified, licensed, and insured professional checking on your property and providing updates.

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house sitter Port St Lucie!

You have other options! Before you hire someone you don’t know to come live in your house for a few months while you are gone, call Crystal at First Mate Home Watch. Crystal is an accredited and certified home watch professional that is fully bonded and insured for your protection. You want someone to check our your house, you don’t need to worry about checking on your house sitter while you are away.
A home watch professional give you the option to hire someone that you can trust for house sitting in Port St Lucie and surrounding areas that will not be living in your house. This means you get the best of both worlds, your house will be inspected regularly for any damage or concerns and no one will be living in your house potentially causing damage. If there is an issue, Crystal can be called on to check your property after bad storms in addition to regular checks for problems such as a leak or water damage, rodent activity, security issues and more. She will then report her findings to you and even work with contractors to resolve the problem if necessary.

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